Turn left!

Tonight featured a variety of games as I tried to find something to play with other people. Carcassonne was up first. Did horrible the first game and squeaked out a win though farmers at the end of the second game. I really like this game, and I think I would really not like it if I was playing the board game version. It seems much too easy to miss scoring oppertunities or on the other hand too difficult to keep track of what was already scored. I much prefer computers taking care of complex tasks such as counting.

Burnout Paradise is pretty. The crashes continue to impress me with their crumple zones and relatively realistic weight to the vehicles. Unfortunately the network mode was not working as desired put a damper on the evening since no one else could join in. I did finally beat the freakin’ Burning Route tonight. Taking the highway and jumping off at the last moment paid off.

Not the best night of Halo 3. Network conditions left a lot to be desired and most of the games were not really “good” games. I did get to play several custom racing maps which were entertaining. The loop-de-loop was the most esoteric and the double-level Foundry track was the most Nascar like with all its left turns. So yes I think I raced more in a FPS than a racing game.