Advance Art Deco Wars

Commanders: Attack of the Genos is one of this week’s XBLA games. It is a turn-based wargame, meaning you move your soldiers and tanks around, then your opponent takes a turn. The game utilizes an interesting action point system, not usually found in this level of computer wargames. If you don’t move you can attack more, if you don’t attack you can move further. Other than that what you have here is Advance Wars if Nintendo didn’t make it. Even the scoring system at the end of a mission mimics the corresponding scoreboard of Advance Wars.

Graphics are bright and solid, but nothing terribly impressive. They get the job done. The music totally throws me off because I would never think it belongs to a wargame. Not even in an ironic situation like the Gears of War advertisement.

It’s not a bad game, but I already have several mostly unplayed wargames and there isn’t enough spark here to make me want to buy the full game. Or play the second mission of the demo.