Gate of Thunder has really cool enemy patterns, but the levels drag on for so long that eventually I don’t care that I’m dodging missiles from the front, a giant multibodied ship in the middle, and little scrub fighters from the rear. Then the boss comes and kills me and back to the beginning of the level I go. Not very encouraging. It is unfortunate because I really like how the game plays. Between the reasonable power up system (you only lose your currently equipped weapon, not all your powerups) and the backwards firing mechanism, there is enough going on that you can’t sleep through the levels, but not so much that you need to be a savant to succeed.

Rez on the other hand I want to continue to play despite dying at the boss and going back to the beginning of the level. I think this is because I can finish a level in less than an hour. That said somehow my thumb manages to be sore and throbbing and generally a thorn in my side. I blame this on Sega’s incompetence.