Buy the full game to fight this boss!

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is a rather standard action RPG with hordes of enemies, which is cool but the hordes take too long to kill with so little risk that the combat ends up being a button masher… which is cool too I guess but hopefully in the full version there is a little more too it other than managing your PP.

Graphics are very detailed, even though a lot of that detail is lost in all the bloom. Tearing is annoying as well. It sucks that next gen graphics seem to be super detailed with bloom and HDR to mask that detail and frame rate issues or tearing to be annoying. We need more solid games like Mario Galaxy!
Cool skeletons who break apart! Cool ghost knights! Cool boss that I didn’t get to fight cause the demo ended! Cool character designs all the way around it seems.
Dream world is interesting, though there doesn’t seem much to do there except talk to my miserable cynical mentor. Again the demo really isn’t showing what this game could be… or is it showing what the game actually is?