Lapsed Time

I’ve been playing Mass Effect pretty hardcore the last few weeks while I was not busy being sick. I’m surprised at some of the plot elements. Little bit of N+ here and there. Downloaded the Battlefield Bad Company beta and I think I’m over it already. It has good elements, and bad elements, and I’m not sure if the bad elements are things that will be fixed in the final game. Unfortunately its been a number of days since I’ve played the beta so I’m not going to go into details.

Which is one of the problems I have with writing about games. I think of things while playing but by the time I get around to being online and writing I don’ have as strong feelings anymore. I’m going to try note taking or something and ideally the quality of my writing will improve.


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If we die Shepard, I’ll kill you.

Wrex is awesome. Actually pretty much all of the characters are awesome. My main party consists of bitter, cynical Wrex and curious Tali. I’m really enjoying Mass Effect. Bioware really thought through the universe they present. Reading about the cultures, history and technology found throughout the game has been keeping me busy. This game also hits on my love of dialog trees. Though I always have the feeling I’m making a terrible decision…

I’ve only done one story related mission since getting off the Citadel and I already have put 10 hours into the game. On the other hand my brother completed a playthrough in 20 hours so I may not be as far as I suspect from the end.


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Mass Effect

So here I am starting another RPG that I wont’ finish. I do enjoy them however!

Character creation is both very detailed and limited. You can change the structure of the face very intricately but you are stuck with one hair style, which is the predominant part of the head you will see during the game. Graphics are incredible except for some glitchy shadows and lighting here and there. Anything with planets and spaceships looks like CG from a few years ago. Heck in some cases it looks better.

So far gameplay involves a lot of investigating which is cool with me. I enjoy games that present a fully realized universe and enjoy discovering different aspects the designers have created. This game has a very rich backstory, with little text entries explaining the technology and culture of the galactic system.

Game play is cool so far, basically GRAW with an experience system. Nothing combat wise has been terribly demanding so I can’t say it will be good or bad at this point. I haven’t even really used my special abilities.


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