Multiples of 1

Unlike Maniac I don’t need to describe Number Munchers. Another Pac-Man eating game, this one involves numbers instead of words. Heck, its impressive that an “edutainment” (Not a real word according to Apple spell check, I tend to agree) title has taken cues from Pac-Man using things such as cinemas to motivate the player. I don’t get why the technology in Number Muncher Land is stuck in the 1920s though. Unlike most educational titles, this game encourages players to think on their feet and allows the player to do so with responsive controls and somewhat forgiving gameplay. You don’t actually get eaten until the Troggle fully stops on the square you are on, and if you pound in a number of inputs only the last input from when you enter the square takes effect, allowing you to turn suddenly if need be. It’s also cool how the game handles edge-cases such as Troggles overlapping. Instead of it being confusing with two monsters covering one square, one just eats the other.

All educational titles should be like Number Munchers. It is entertaining even though I’m not sitting in school.