It’s called starship Earth

I’ve been fighting the urge to go around killing things for gold and loot. So far I avoided the urge to succumb to the addictive substance known as WOW, although I have been entertaining the notion. So out comes PSU. I still can’t bring myself to pay the $10/mo subscription fee to play online so I poked around with the story mode and extra mode. It’s still a pretty fun game, and I love the dynamic battle system. Rushing in with some gunfire to soften my target up, beating it a few times with my sword then ducking away guns blazing to avoid the counterattck entertains me. It seems like playing through story mode a second time adds some new end of episode content of the characters acting like jerks to each other.

Perhaps I will go online this time. Perhaps I’ll just play the demo to get this bug out of my system.