I fell in love with the girl at the rock show

I have what you may call a “thing” for music based video games. Games like Guitar Hero, Samba, Taiko, Space Channel 5, Technic Beat, Elite Beat Agents, Donkey Konga, DDR, Karaoke Revolution, Bust A Groove, Frequency, Amplitude, Gitaroo Man, Parappa, Um Jammer Lammy for instance. Despite my interest, I passed on Rock Band. As you may surmise since I’m posting about it, I had a chance to play Rock Band during New Years Eve festivities.

The verdict? I suck at drumming. More to the point I suck at using the foot pedal. The drums I can handle pretty well despite my poor technique. That damnable foot pedal however can do whatever would be detrimental to the foot pedal. I don’t think foot pedals go to hell.

Rock Band’s multiplayer is the justification for this game’s existence. Sure the game finely polishes the highway of notes style of gameplay that Harmonix has been peddling since Freqeuency. Sure the presentation is amazing, though the menus could be streamlined a bit. Sure the graphics, while in the background, are an impressive variety of models, animations, interfaces, special effects and filters. But the reason this game is great is because of teamwork. I don’t think I would have as much fun playing this on my own. It’s exciting when we gain 1000 fans or win a van or earn $35 and eat at Denny’s after a gig.