Every rose has its thorns

My 360 ate another disc. I lost Dead or Alive 4 and now I lost Rumble Roses XX. So making lemons out of lemonade I popped in the PS2 version.

In many ways Rumble Roses is better than its successor. Gameplay is much quicker, from the speed of the animations to simple things like characters jumping to the top rope instead of climbing. The game is less strict in its move timings. Its much easier to cancel moves into other moves. For example it is possible to chain striking combos into throws which as far as I know you can’t do in the newer game. Graphically the game still holds up pretty well. It helps that you can actually make out details on the characters because they aren’t washed out by blinding lighting.

I got rocked, even on Normal which is really unusual. Is it because I don’t know the timings anymore or is the game actually harder than the sequel?

It seems like XX went in the direction of more realism and I’m not sure it was the best move to make. Not to say the new game sucks. There are a lot of improvements over the original title like the AI being smart. And by smart I mean not holding a neutral ground grapple for 20 seconds, standing you up, holding a standing grapple for 20 seconds, the bringing you back down to the ground grapple just to wait again. And it happens frequently. The sequel has a greater sense of weight to the movements of the characters. There is a collection aspect which brings some sense of structure to the overall game. Added features like photo mode and character creation are also welcome additions that are usually found in sequels. I hope if another game in the series ever is made that it sort of blends the two styles of game together.