Pants on Fire

There is very little discussion online concering Smarty Pants, EA’s Wii trivia game. This is unfortunate. Smarty Pants is a very capable trivia game with a number of neat features. The game keeps track of how well you perform in each category, with questions getting easier or harder as appropriate. Buzzing in and guessing is lessened as the answers are not shown until you buzz in. Most importantly, it is a trivia game with a Games category that asks about old games like Populous or Nuclear Strike. Surprisingly the category is not limited to EA games either.

Smarty Pants features some needless waggling, but in the context of the game it works pretty well. I do dislike that almost all of the gestures require holding a button in order to activate the response, even something as minor as buzzing in (which requires holding A and raising your hand). There are a couple weird minigames that popup such as the Double Points Dance and Tug of War but they take up very little time in relation to the trivia.

The game is pretty bare-bones and the single player is pretty much non-existent. Just you, a clock, and a constant stream of questions. And unlike say You Don’t Know Jack the questions themselves aren’t really entertaining. As such I wouldn’t pick this up for $50 when its really only enjoyable in a multiplayer setting. I really wish companies would price their products more appropriately given considerations such as this. A game that is not fully featured, or fully fleshed out, or that has decent production values should not cost the same as a game which excells in all areas. That said if you like trivia and play games with your friends Smarty Pants is worth checking out