Tap Water

Available free this week on XBLA, Undertow is a game that after playing it I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t spend the 800 points on it, but I’m glad I got it for free. The presentation is pretty solid for a XBLA game. Nice menus, everything loads and runs smoothly. Graphically its solid but not spectacular. Some neat particle effects here and there but nothing special, but at the same time nothing terrible either. Gameplay is somewhat simple but again, somewhat interesting. Its basically a side-scrolling Battlefield. Underwater. The sound is on the good side, very artificial but important beeps and cues for gameplay elements such as capturing control points and nice realistic harpoons impacting metal type sounds for the gunplay. A nice combination.

That said I have no freakin’ clue what is going on with the story. I don’t know what side I’m playing as or why everyone seems hell bent on drowning me. The writing is nearly as bad as at this site, and without being loveable like the intro to Symphony of the Night.